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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

We look forward to accompanying you on the beautiful adventure that lies ahead.

Our Family Medicine Obstetrical team is passionate about perinatology. We favor an approach that is culturally sensitive, value-based, and patient-centered. Our team aims to offer all women with the pregnancy and delivery experience that they desire, whilst offering the highest quality of medical care for both mother and child. We work as a team, which allows the younger doctors to benefit from the experience of the others. As family physicians, we are able to manage medical, psychological, and social complications that may arise during pregnancy, occasionally with the help of our internal medicine specialists at LaSalle Hospital. We also follow high risk pregnancies in collaboration with the gynecologists working at the high risk pregnancy center at LaSalle Hospital.

In order to serve our dynamic and vast clientele, our offices are located across the Montreal region. Please find the list of our doctors below.