Deliveries take place at the Lasalle Hospital Family Birthing Unit (UFN), located at 8585 Terrasse Champlain, in Lasalle.

General information

The Lasalle Hospital Family Birthing Unit (UFN) delivers close to 3600 babies per year. One of the many benefits of delivering at this center includes staying in the same private room throughout the labour, delivery, and post partum period. Patients have access to a variety of specialists who work in collaboration at the GARE clinic for high risk pregnancies, the pediatric clinic, which includes an intensive care unit for newborns over 32 weeks gestational age, as well as the breastfeeding clinic.  

As of 20 weeks of pregnancy, you may contact the Lasalle Hospital Birthing Center at any time for any concerns regarding your pregnancy.

Visiting the Lasalle Hospital Family Birthing Center (UFN)

Guided visits of the Lasalle Hospital Birthing Center can be arranged after 24 weeks of pregnancy. To book your guided visit, please call 514-362-8000, extension 31867.

McGill Affiliated Teaching Hospital

Lasalle Hospital is an accredited teaching site affiliated with McGill University. Please feel free to consult the pdf document related to this topic.

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